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Samsung officially confirms NFC-enabled Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S2 set for NFC reboot
Samsung Galaxy S2 set for NFC reboot

TechRadar has spoken to Samsung over claims it will be releasing an NFC-enabled Galaxy S2.

The Korean brand has been reported by as confirming a different version of the phone is incoming through a customer services rep, and we spoke to head office for the official word:

"Samsung Mobile UK can confirm an NFC version of the Galaxy S II will be launch later this year, to support the roll out of our network partners' NFC services."

Galaxy S II NFC release date uncertain

Reports that the NFC Galaxy S2 will be landing in June would therefore be wide of the mark, with the launch seemingly set to coincide with NFC services rolling out across the country later in the year.

With the Galaxy S2 already available in the UK in its current non-NFC guise and still costing a premium at £500, TechRadar probed Samsung for any indication over whether the new phone will have a higher price with the extra tech bundled in.

However, all we were told was that price was still 'being reviewed' so it looks like we'll have to wait until closer to the time to find out the actual cost.