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Patent deal exposes LG Chromebook plans

Patent deal exposes LG Chromebook plans
LG - cat's out of the bag

LG and Microsoft have inked a patent agreement that covers all of LG's Android tablets and mobile phones, and – oddly – any devices running Chrome OS.

Since LG doesn't have any devices running Chrome OS we're assuming that means there's a Chromebook on its way from the company in the near future.

The new agreement, which builds on a pre-existing deal, sees LG join the throngs of Android manufacturers paying Microsoft for use of its patents, including HTC, Samsung and Acer.

So long and thanks for all the cash

In fact, as Microsoft's corporate VP Horacio Gutierrez gleefully points out, "more than 70 per cent of all Android smartphones sold in the US are now receiving coverage under Microsoft's patent portfolio".

The terms of the deal are under wraps, but it's likely that LG is paying Microsoft a broad licence fee, as well as royalties on each Android (and soon, Chrome OS) device sold.

Microsoft may be finding its approach a little more successful than Apple, whose rigorous protection of its intellectual property has seen it battling competitors in court rooms around the world - and that's a colour that doesn't look good on anybody.

As for the mystery LG Chromebook, we'll have to wait and see what the company has up its sleeve.

Via Engadget