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Now the iPhone becomes a web server?

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Yes, madam - I did indeed know you can use it as a web server

The iPhone is many things to many people, but we bet few of them ever imagined it becoming a web server all by itself.

That impressive piece of trickery has been achieved by a Japanese network specialist called FreeBit and its new iPhone application, the oddly named ServersMan@iPhone.

Local connection

The application allows access to upload or download files through a normal browser or the webDAV protocol. FreeBit says that the iPhone or iPod touch then appears just like any other server computer on the internet.

In operation, the PC accessing the phone can connect to it directly if they're both in the same part of the network, such as on the same wireless connection.

If the two devices are distant from each other, then FreeBit's VPN will facilitate the connection.

Tribute brand

As for the name, the company says it's a tribute to the Walkman brand – the concept being lots of stuff in a small package. It has also hired ex Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei to advise it.

ServersMan@iPhone is currently available only in Japanese from the App Store, but FreeBit says it will have an English version ready shortly and a port for Windows Mobile devices.