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Third iPhone update on the way

A third iPhone update will let owners access Apple's Wi-Fi iTunes Music Store

Apple is to release a third update to the iPhone in an attempt to address stability issues with the popular device and add further new features.

Among the additions expected in the latest release is the ability to access Apple's recently announced Wi-Fi iTunes Music Store. This allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to browse, purchase and download media from the iTunes Store while connected to a wireless network on the go.

Store access can be attempted

Evidence of the forthcoming update can be found when trying to access the store now. A dialogue box appears with the message: "You need to update your device's software in order to access the iTunes Store. Simply sync your device to your computer and click 'Check for Update' and then click this iTunes Store link again from your device when syncing is complete."

As a side note, Apple also posted an image of the iPhone running firmware version 1.1.1, but there are doubts that the iPhone in the image is truly running the firmware.