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iPhone queue update: "We're halfway there"

The Apple iPhone queue began early yesterday but 24 hours later, there's still just a handful of people queuing up.

We counted 13 people at around midday today. About as many journalists were hovering about trying to find out whether people were planning to unlock their phones (no), whether they were rained on lots last night (yes), and whether it would all be worth it in the end (maybe).

Almost there...

"We're halfway through now," one of the queuers, Nick Fletcher, told "It was pretty cold last night but it will be worth the wait. I can't wait to get my hands on the Apple iPhone, and hopefully there will be some cool freebies too."

Down underground at Oxford Circus tube station, however, things were busy. Around 20 workers were busy plastering most of the station in Apple iPhone advertising ahead of tonight's launch.