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iPhone activation delays frustrate buyers

Huge numbers of iPhone buyers over the weekend contributed to AT&T's activation delays

iPhone buyers have been experiencing trouble activating their iPhones, with delays affecting around 2 per cent of iPhone buyers, according to reports . Apple's exclusive US operator partner, AT&T , is working to fix the problems. AT&T spokesperson Mark Siegel has described the problems as partly technology related and partly process related.

According to Siegel, the large volumes of customers trying to activate their iPhones following Friday's launch contributed to delays. Without activation, iPhones won't operate even the most basic of functions.

A report in the Los Angeles Times today claimed some 525,000 Apple iPhones were sold over the weekend, indicating activation problems affecting thousands of iPhone buyers.

Siegel also blamed other process-related factors for activation problems. One involved people trying to transfer work numbers to iPhone personal accounts - which required AT&T to get approval from corporate telecoms managers.

AT&T has made technical adjustments to address the problems with its overloaded servers, and the situation has now improved, AT&T claims .