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Microsoft hints at Office for Apple iPhone

Office on iPhone on the way?
Office on iPhone on the way?

Microsoft has hinted that it may be bringing its Office software to the iPhone, with Stephen Elop telling San Francisco's Web 2.0 conference to 'keep watching'.

Elop – who is President of Microsoft's business division – was told by host Tim O'Reilly that nobody was using Office on an iPhone, and his response was: "Not yet."

According to The Register, when pushed, Elop added "keep watching".

Open Office and Google Docs

Office functionality on the iPhone would be a massive boon for Apple, who are expected to announce an update to its flagship handset in the summer.

Google Docs and Open Office are battling for purchase in the applications market, but Office remains market leader by a massive amount.

Elop is no fan of Google Docs, telling the same conference the suite offers little more than "free bolding, underlining, italics, and footnotes."

Via The Register