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LG still looking at Windows Phone handsets

LG still looking at Windows Phone handsets
LG's Windows Phone exit could be temporary

LG has confirmed that it's still keeping an eye on Microsoft's platform, but still doesn't want to launch a WP8 yet.

Jong-Seok Park, CEO of LG Mobile Communications, said during a press conference that the company was still intending to keep things strictly Android for the time being:

"With regards to our relationship with Google: we'll continue to collaborate with them. With regards to adoption of other operating systems, we don't have any specific platform which we will launch."

Not all over

However, TechRadar was told separately that the R&D team within LG continues to work on Windows Phone 8, as well as other options such as HTML 5, but while Microsoft's platform is under 'consideration' there are no plans to launch any more phones using it.

This makes a huge amount of sense given both HTC and Samsung are set to join Nokia on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform, and with an improvement in the design language used there's a strong chance the OS could grow significantly in market share.

However, given LG encountered less than stellar sales with its Optimus 7 handset the first time round, coupled with the company's ailing fortunes in the worldwide smartphone market, it makes sense to keep working on the platform and then pull the trigger when the OS reaches maturity.