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WWDC 07: Apple iPhone to get third-party apps

Apple has said it will enable developers to create third-party applications for the iPhone after all

The Apple iPhone will be able to run third party applications created with Web 2.0 internet standards from its launch on 29 June.

Steve Jobs announced at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) that developers will be able to create applications that look and behave just like native iPhone applications. Apple's approach addresses the issue of expanding the iPhone's capabilities while maintaining the iPhone's security and reliability. Third party applications will be able to access and interact with built-in iPhone services such as making a phone call, sending an email and using Google Maps.

"Developers and users alike are going to be very surprised and pleased at how great these applications look and work on iPhone," commented Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Our innovative approach, using Web 2.0-based standards, lets developers create amazing new applications while keeping the iPhone secure and reliable."