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Instagram's sharp new look will make your pictures pop


No, your eyes don't deceive you: Instagram just got a new look, including an updated app design and a new icon.

The aim is to unify the range of tools that Instagram has on offer, with Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout getting a unified set of icons, alongside Instagram's flagship app.

They're ditching the skeuomorphic look of days gone by and opting for a flatter, gradient-based look instead.


Speaking of the main app, that's also getting some internal visual tweaks with all text now in black, and notifications popping up in red.

The more stripped-down look is designed to make your pictures pop better, but it's not a drastic change.

"We designed our new look to match your vibrant and diverse stories," wrote CEO Kevin Systrom in an Instagram post. "You'll recognize parts of our previous icon that you loved, but you'll also see new parts that give a nod to your creative spark.

You can go update the app on iOS right now and should be hitting Android imminently.