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How much data do you use on your iPhone?

The news today that O2 was to abandon its unlimited cellular data plans in favour of a system of caps starting at 500MB/month has generated lots of negative comments.

But how much data do you actually use? I just worked out my usage - it's 165MB/month, well under even the cheapest O2 tariff.


We want to get information from many more people so we can gauge how much of a problem the loss of unlimited data is going to be – and how expensive it might prove.

To take part in our survey, click here to tell us how much data you use. To find out how much cellular data you have used on your iPhone, use the following instructions; we suspect you'll be amazed at how small the figure is!

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap General > Usage and scroll to the bottom.

To see how much data you have sent and received, look at the figures under Cellular Network Data. To see when these figures have been tracked since, look at the Last Reset date at the very bottom of the screen.

We'll collate the results and report back with our findings soon!