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BBC to show off next-gen television streaming for mobiles

BBC to show off next-gen television streaming for mobiles
Mobile TV - without taxing your data allowance

The BBC is to show off the latest mobile television technology, with a first public demonstration of DVB-T2-Lite at the IBC conference in early September.

The famed BBC research and development department will be conducting the first demo of DVB-T2-Lite which is the mobile version of a technology that was crucial to the rollout of Freeview HD.

"DVB-T2-Lite [is] a new profile which will allow cost reduced receiver implementations for applications such as mobile broadcasting," explains the BBC press release.

"The profile can be mixed with conventional T2 signals in a single multiplex, to allow separate optimisation of the individual components and also to reuse the existing broadcast transmitter infrastructure."

Existing tech

What that means is that we could see live television signals on our portable devices that don't use the already chock-full mobile frequencies.

And, because it is based on existing technology, it would not need major investment to the existing infrastructure.

Trials of the technology apparently started on the roof of BBC R&Ds South Lab on 7 July with the BBC developing its own T2-Lite modulator and demodulator.

"BBC R&D would be interested to license this technology to other parties," added the BBC.