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Apple's plan to improve the iPhone camera: add another one

iPhone 6 Camera
iPhone 6 Camera

Apple is always exploring ways to improve the iPhone camera, and the latest report suggests doubling down on the sensor is the next step.

According to a patent filed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office the company is looking to put two cameras on the back of a new iPhone.

One is set to be a telephoto camera and another a normal-to-wide angle camera like those currently on iPhone models.

Duel lens

The document goes into great detail on the aperture, track length, focal length and many more potential set ups for both the new cameras but nothing is set in stone just yet.

Setting up two different cameras on the back is a strong set up – we've seen it before on the HTC One M8 which had one of the best cameras in recent years.

This patent was filed in October 2013 – does that mean it could feature on the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7? It's unlikely, but with Apple you just never know.

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Via Apple Insider