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64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders open in UK

64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders open in UK
If you want it, you'll have to hope others do too.

The 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally gone on pre-order in the UK, and at an eye watering price.

Online retailer Clove is the first to get its 64GB Galaxy S3 pre-order page up, and it's asking a staggering £600 for the top of the range handset.

Although that's a lot to pay for a phone, it's still £99 cheaper than the equivalently sized iPhone 5, which is available SIM-free for £699.

No guarantee

However those who pre-order are not gaurenteed to receive a black 64GB Galaxy S3, as Clove states it will review orders in two weeks time and make a decision on whether or not to stock the device based on demand.

There's no word on the Samsung Galaxy S3 64GB release date, but the retailer estimates it will be at least eight weeks from now, so it's unlikely that we'll see the handset land in time for Christmas.

The Samsung Galaxy S3's saving grace is that it's a quality handset, racking up 4.5 out of 5 in our in-depth review and it currently sits proudly at the top of our 20 Best Mobiles in the World feature.

Considering the Galaxy S3 also sports a microSD card slot, is a 64GB version really need? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

From Clove via Android Central