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Dell decides to put iPod competitor on ice

Dell's original DJ Ditty
Dell's original DJ Ditty

PC manufacturer Dell's plans to release an MP3 player to rival Apple over the holiday period have been put on hold.

The Wall Street Journal is citing sources close to the project, stating the player, which is tied to online entertainment software, will not be rolled out until at least next year.


We reported that Dell was planning to release a music player this year, and was developing Zing software to connect the player to a PC in the same way as iTunes does.

The WSJ is reporting that Dell still plans to continue with development of its iTunes-beater, but it seems the writing is on the wall for a Dell-branded MP3 player.

Dell's previous attempt at the MP3 market failed a few years ago when it released the DJ Ditty that, although compact and tidy as a unit, was doomed to the digital scrapheap in a market already flooded by similar devices.