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LG targets emerging markets with music

LG KM710
The phone for the new music markets

LG has thrown its weight behind two new mobile devices, the LG KM710 and the KM380.

These two devices will be available in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, and feature some cutting edge music technology as LG believes this is one of the driving factors behind mobile custom.

They are both powered by Sound Engine, which is the new bossting technology from LG, though we’ve yet to try it out, so can’t vouch for its validity.

The KM710 offers 30 hours music playback, full GraceNote support and some decent speakers.

The KM380 has some bizarre software that uses Restoration Technology to improve MP3 quality - presumably to upscale music files that have been shrunk down too far.

Sound strategy?

Strategy Analytics has told unwired these markets are primed for such devices, with the replacement handset rate standing at over 50 per cent in 2008.

These markets are key for such companies as LG, so it will be interesting to note how well these phones fly there.