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Flash coming to the iPhone?

iPhone...not a Flash in the pan
iPhone...not a Flash in the pan

Adobe believes that the new iPhone will be able to support Flash in the near future, thanks to a version of the software that could run on emulation.

Adobe chief Shantanu Narayen said that his company had worked out a number of the technical difficulties inherent in porting Flash onto the iPhone.

"We have a version that's working on the emulation. This is still on the computer and you know, we have to continue to move it from a test environment onto the device and continue to make it work," he said.

Hard Apples

But how will Adobe jump the Jobs hurdle? Narayen is a well-known naysayer of the Flash platform, claiming that it isn't powerful enough in mobile form and far too complex.

One possibility might be for Adobe to make a standalone player and sell it through the App Store, or even develop a whole web browser to offer a holistic approach.

The battle will hopefully be resolved in the near future, as Safari is becoming one of the most popular mobile web browsers and could do with the embedded video.

However, if it rids us of those stupid ads that flash up all over sites, then maybe it's best if the stand-off continues…