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'Was Basil Brush busy?' Rockstar lashes out over BBC's Grand Theft Auto drama


This week saw the premiere of The Gamechangers, the BBC drama based on the 'true' story of Rockstar co-founders Sam and Daniel Houser, the brothers behind Grand Theft Auto, and their battle against lawyer Jack Thompson.

The show's creative process included a lot of research and interviews, but Rockstar Games isn't happy with the end result, according to a tweet sent out from the company's account.


As the tweet hasn't been deleted, we're assuming Rockstar's account wasn't hacked and that this was intentionally sent out by the company.

Dramatic effect

A source close to Rockstar told techradar that the company was extremely unhappy about the The Gamechangers during its creation due to not having creative control. The company ended up having no involvement with the drama.

But it wasn't just Rockstar that was unhappy with the end result. Former GTA developer Mike Dailly also ridiculed the show on Twitter.



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