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New MacBook Pro 2011 specs leaked

MacBook Pro
Rumours suggest the new MacBook Pro will boast Thunderbolt

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The Apple Store is currently down, raising speculation that we could see new MacBook Pros launching imminently, but not before some last minute MacBook Pro 2011 specs leak.

The refreshed MacBook Pro could sport Thunderbolt, a super-fast new file transfer technology from Intel, as well as the company's Sandy Bridge processor.

Thunderbolt is reported to be Apple's name for Intel's new Light Peak High Speed I/O technology which promises stunningly-quick transfer times of 10GBps over copper wire.


Intel's new tech is seen as the eventual replacement for USB and is listed in the leaked specs unearthed by

Other rumoured specs for the new MacBooks include Intel i5 and i7 processors and an integrated Intel 3000 graphics card, 4GB of RAM and an HD FaceTime camera, seemingly putting the iSight branding to bed.

There's no official word yet on an Apple MacBook Pro UK release date for the refreshed line-up, but the Apple Store is down so we it could be as early as today.

If not, perhaps the new MacBook Pros will share the stage with the iPad 2 launch next Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Via Mashable