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New iMac line-up to be announced alongside iPhone 5?

New iMac line-up to be announced alongside iPhone 5?
New iMacs arriving imminently, says Fox

Apple may announce a new array of iMac computers at the iPhone 5 launch event next Tuesday.

Fox News is reporting that the revamped desktop computers will arrive 'imminently' and points out that supplies of the current 27-inch model have dwindled ahead of the announcement.

The article counts on the new iMacs boasting Intel's latest generation Sandy Bridge processors, USB 3.0, better graphics and expanded storage. It also predicts a slimmer design.

Fox is speculating - as are we - as to whether the new iMacs may also be gifted the super hi-def Retina Display that graduated from iOS devices to MacBook computers earlier this summer.

The consensus view from analysts and observers appears to that the sleek, all-in-one machines will get very high resolution screens, but without the pixel count necessary to be coined Retina.

Define 'imminent'

Fox's original story suggested that the iMacs wouldn't arrive until the rumoured iPad Mini event believed to be set for October.

However, the site updated the article to suggest the machines would be arriving 'imminently.'

Does imminent mean this Tuesday? Tune into our live coverage of the iPhone 5 launch event to find out.

Via: BGR