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Apple seeks iPhone Maps app 'rethink'

iPhone Maps
More evidence to suggest Apple wants to go it alone with Maps

Apple is looking for a new developer to 'rethink' the Maps application for iOS devices.

The company is advertising a number of job positions around improving its location services, with a bespoke Maps app to replace Google Maps believed to be long in the offing.

One of the three listings reads: "We want to take Maps to the next level and rethink how people use maps, location and geo information.

"We want to do this in a seamless, highly interactive and enjoyable way. We've only just started!"

The AppleInsider website believes this could add credence to the rumours that Cupertino is planning a rival to Google's Navigation turn-by-turn satnav application.

The new postings are part of a continued effort to hire the top talent to produce new navigation software for the iOS platform, which goes as far back as 2009, AppleInsider says.

Back in April, Apple revealed that it was working on "exciting new features for location aware software."

Link: AppleInsider