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World's lightest three-speaker headphones

Audio Technica headphones
Audio Technica has a track record of excellence at a price

In releasing some eye-wateringly expensive ear buds this weekend, those hi-fi specialists at Japanese firm Audio Technica have obviously not heard of the global financial squeeze.

Either that or they paid attention in economics class to the bit about demand for certain luxury goods in times of hardship. In any case, the ¥56,700 (£323) ATH-CK100 headphones also stake a world-leading claim.

Titanium inners

The company says they are the world's lightest three-speaker headphones and, with them weighing just 4g, who are we to argue?

Those three speakers convey high-range, mid-range and low-range tones for, we're told, perfect fidelity. The lightness comes in part from them being made from titanium, but we'd expect some gold and platinum too at that price.