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YouTube tips and tricks for beginners

Master the video streaming site


Becoming acquainted with how YouTube works doesn't take long, but there are still ways to improve your experience, so here are our top YouTube tips and tricks for beginners.

Even if you have no intention of uploading video to the site, there are advantages to creating your own user account.

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For starters, you can rate the videos you view and leave comments about them. You can also compile a list of your favourite clips using the My Videos section.

Get organised

Once you've logged in to your account, you can add videos to your favourites list or compile videos into playlists – great for creating compilations from a few short video clips such as music videos, for example.


To do so, browse to the video in question and click the 'Add to' button, then make your choice from the drop-down menu.

Videos you've saved in this way can be accessed again by opening the YouTube menu and clicking on the playlist under the Playlists heading.

Mobile upload

Some mobile devices, including the iPhone 6S, make it easy to access your YouTube account, and you can upload directly to YouTube from the device itself.

You don't need a dedicated app to do this – just go to YouTube Settings for an account to see the email address you need in order to upload videos via email rather than an app.

Share with others

Look out for buttons that appear next to every video, inviting you to share the link with social networking sites, or to send the link via an email.

Simply choose an option and follow the steps to link your social network account with YouTube.

Get a little insight

If you upload videos for public viewing, you may wish to find out more about the people who decide to watch them. To do so, just log into your account and browse to My Channels, then choose one of your videos.

Click the 'Analytics' button to see information about the number of views and regional popularity of your selected clip.

Get a subscription

Some videos are episodic, or you may just wish to keep track of a particular user's video uploads. In either case, what you need is a subscription, so you'll be notified whenever a new episode or video is uploaded.

Simply click the 'Subscribe' button next to a particular user's name, and then click 'Edit Subscription' to fine-tune the terms of your subscription.

Visit your channel

From the main YouTube menu choose 'My Channel' to visit your own personal channel, which is made up of items in your favourites list and any of your own videos you've made available for public viewing.

Everything on the page is fully editable, so experiment with the settings available to create a customised homepage that others can subscribe to or visit in turn.

How to download a YouTube video

To store YouTube video in a format you can play on your PC, download Any Video Converter Free.

YouTube tips for beginners

Install the program – you don't need to install the extra software that's offered – then launch it. Note that this is only for personal use with your own videos.