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The best Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite deals in September 2021

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite deals didn't exactly feel like something we needed when it launched but now that it is here...we're pretty happy to have it. Sporting some impressive specs and a reduced price tag, there's a lot to love with this package.

As the name suggests, this is aiming at being the condensed version of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Taking all of the most important features, keeping a similar design and even adding some new stuff here and there.

For those Android aficionados out there, you might be thinking that this just sounds like the Samsung Galaxy S10e...and while it does certainly bear a resemblance, we promise it's not. While similar, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite deals have managed to drop the price even further than Samsung's affordable S10e.

And despite this lower price tag, closer to the A series, this Lite version of the handset is surprisingly powerful. It has a larger battery than any of Samsung's devices from last year, a brand new camera set-up and a screen larger than the Galaxy S10 Plus.

While it is an AMOLED display, it only reaches Full HD+, skipping out the S10's curved screen and leaving you with a display similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10e. Its processing power won't quite match the likes of other 2020 releases but will still be plenty for most users. 

So who is Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite deals for? Anyone really who wants a flagship phone experience without the cost. It takes a lot of Samsung's best, drops some features here and there and leaves you with the best of both worlds (just don't expect it to match the quality of Samsung Galaxy S20 deals).

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review in brief

Samsung's popular S10 at a condensed lower price


Screen size: 6.7-inch | Resolution: 1080 X 2400 | Rear camera: 48 + 12 + 5MP | Front Camera: 32MP | Weight: 186g | OS: Android 10 | RAM: 6/8GB | Storage: 128GB | External storage: Yes | Battery: 4500mAh

Reasons to Buy

Reduced cost
Hefty battery capacity
Impressive rear camera set-up

Reasons to Avoid

Similar to the S10e

We loved the Samsung Galaxy S10, we just weren't massive fans of the accompanying price tag. This handset takes all of the best bits (and even improves on some) while bringing the price tag down.

It's packing a 6.7-super AMOLED display, keeping up Samsung's high-end screens even at the lower price, a powerful Snapdragon 855 chipset and even a 4500mAh battery - larger than the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. And that's all before you get to the new suite of camera lenses.

Our only major complaint with this handset is that we don't really know where it fits in. Samsung's budget and mid-range section has quickly become crowded what with the Galaxy S10e, the wide-range of Galaxy A devices and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, making it hard to know which of the many similar handsets works for you.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite deals: FAQ

How does the Samsung S10 Lite compare to the S10?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite can best be compared to the S10. While they have a lot of different specs on-board, both devices look very similar. The big difference between the two devices is the price.

The S10 Lite will cost you just £499 whereas the more powerful S10 will cost a larger £669. While the S10 is the overall more powerful option, the S10 lite is by no means a weak device.

With Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite deals, you're getting an impressive 4500mAh battery, a stylish and high-quality design and body and an excellent large display.

The S10 is the larger of the two handsets, featuring a curved screen at both sides (compared to the S10 Lite's flat body). While both phones feature the same amount of camera lenses, they take different approaches to shots.

The S10 Lite has much higher MP in its lenses but the S10 has larger pixel sizes so really, the images will balance out.

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