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The best Sky TV and broadband deals and packages in December 2021

Sky TV and broadband deals were an obvious step. Considering Sky has been a go-to provider for broadband deals and TV packages for a while now, why not combine the two and get it all rolled into one neat package.

Where Sky really stands out is the amount of customisation available. Whether you want a fibre broadband deal with Sky Sports and HD TV or affordable ADSL speeds with the base level TV plan, Sky has options for everyone.

However, it will come as absolutely no surprise that with all of these features, add-ons and speed boosts, Sky is nowhere near the cheapest option for those looking for a solid internet and TV plan.

But to curve the mounting costs, Sky lets you choose the exact features you want to a fine point, picking out the features that matter to you most.

If you already know that a Sky TV and broadband deal is for you then scroll up where you will see our custom-made price comparison displaying all of the provider's best packages. But If you're still unsure whether a Sky plan is what you're looking for then don't worry, we're here to help you decide. Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about Sky.

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What speeds can I get with Sky?

When it comes to choosing your Sky package there is a lot of options to choose from. You start with Sky broadband deals and work your way up through TV and extras. So do you want slower but cheap ADSL broadband or do you want to pay slightly more and go down the fibre route (assuming you can get it where you live)? 

Sky usually only offers two packages - Sky Broadband Essential and Sky Broadband Superfast. You will occasionally see a third option, just regular fibre, but that tends to come and go with different deals throughout the year. We've listed all of the details of the two main packages below:


Sky Broadband Essential

Sky's more affordable package, Broadband Essential gets you ADSL speeds averaging 11Mb. This is perfect for small households of one or two people just checking emails and browsing the web. If you're planning on streaming or gaming then you may need to upgrade to Sky's fibre broadband deal below.

  • Avg 11Mb speed
  • Sky Q Hub router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Sky Broadband Shield

 Sky Broadband Superfast

Jumping up in speeds quite a bit, the Sky Broadband Superfast package gets you an average of 59Mb. At roughly 7Mb a second this is pretty speedy and should be plenty for most households. Keep in mind that Sky no longer regularly offers its mid-range package so if you want fibre speeds from Sky this is often the one you have to plump for. 

  • Avg 59Mb speed
  • Sky Q Hub router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Sky Broadband Shield

What TV add-ons are available?

So you've chosen your internet plan, the next step is choosing how you want your Sky TV set up. One of Sky's biggest selling points is the amount of choices available. Whether you just want to watch films or are only interested in all that sport coverage there are a huge number of combinations you can go for.

Entertainment is the base package, featuring in many of Sky's broadband and TV deals. It comes with all Sky TV and broadband packages and gets you over 300 channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Fox, MTV, Discovery and a whole host of other channels. You do also get access to a few minor sports channels but if you want the whole bundle see Sky Sports below.

Sky Sports:
This one's for the sports fans. This gets you access to all of the Sky Sports channels, all of which come in HD. That means you will have access to the best of football, Formula 1, NBA, rugby and so much more.

Sky Cinema:
Want access to over 1,000 movies? Of course you do. Luckily, that is exactly what you get with Sky Cinema and not to mention the fact there is a new premiere every day on this service so you will never run out of things to watch.

If you have kids in your house then this package could be ideal. 11 kids channels including Nickelodeon and Disney and over 5,000 episodes on demand. You can also stream shows on mobiles and iPads.

This package is for those who want to up the visual quality of their TV experience. For a few quid a month more you can get over 40 HD channels. Sky claims that these channels are five times the picture quality of standard definition.

Sky Q Experience:
This is a bit more of a unique add-on. With Sky Q Experience you get extra mini routers which you can add to other TVs around the house. This allows you to pause on one TV and continue on another and have Sky in multiple rooms. The cost increases per Sky Q Mini you get.

Sky broadband and TV deals: FAQ

Sky TV channels

(Image credit: Future)

What is the Sky Q Hub router?

All of Sky's broadband plans - whether or not you're adding TV - come with a Sky Q Hub. It's a little bit on the chunky side, but that translates into a more powerful router. If you're desperate for fast downloads, it connect to 5GHz channels and it has the capacity to connect 64 laptops, tablets, phones and other devices.

Sky, like a lot of other broadband providers, does not offer mobile broadband so you know you will always be getting a Sky Q Hub.

How long will my Sky contract last?

The length of your Sky contract depends on which deal you go for. As you can see from our price comparison chart at the top of the page, most of the ADSL packages are 18 months long, whereas Sky Fibre Max boosts the length to 24 months. 

Sky Talk - do I get a Sky phone line?

Sky Talk is included in the price you generally pay for Sky broadband, including Sky Line Rental. That means you can hold onto your existing home phone number.

You do have to pay an added premium for a Sky Talk package though. Whether you want a Sky Pay As You Talk plan or Sky Talk Anytime Extra package, your cost will depend on which package you end up going for. 

Sky Talk customers also get the benefit of the Sky Talk Shield. It gives you greater control over blocking unwanted calls and numbers.

What is Sky WiFi?

When you become a Sky customer, you gain access to Sky WiFi. That means free and unlimited Wi-Fi in thousands of places around the UK. These hot spots can be found scattered across the country in cities, towns and villages.

What is Sky Broadband Shield?

Sky Broadband Shield is Sky's approach to internet protection. It comes free with all internet packages from Sky. It's an online tool which helps prevent against phishing, malware-infected sites and includes SafeSearch settings to block explicit content. It even allows for customised settings so you can personalise it to your own household. 

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