The best EE broadband deals in July 2019

EE, easily one of the best known names in the world of mobile phone tariffs, mainly due to its impressively fast 4G speeds, has become a staple in the phone industry. But a few years ago EE decided to use this knowledge of speedy internet to join the broadband deals race.

Offering a massive range of impressive internet tariffs and broadband and TV packages with a host of incentives for existing EE customers, EE broadband deals are showing the company means virtual business.

With EE, It's not just about the most affordable plans, it also has a host of fast fibre options too. These fibre packages range all the way from your standard speeds up to an absolutely mind-boggling 300Mb so there is plenty of choice!

You can take a look at our price comparison at the top of the page to explore all of the EE broadband deals that are currently available. You can also use our postcode checker to see what's available where you live.

Still not quite sure whether EE broadband deals are for you or not? scroll down to find out a little bit more about the company and its perks. 

EE broadband deals

EE broadband deals

EE broadband packages compared - what speeds that I can get?

When you're choosing broadband, one of the trickier questions to ask is what speed should you choose? Do you go slow and save yourself some money or do you speed it up and splash out on a faster fibre broadband package? Luckily, EE has plenty of different options with varying speeds so you're spoilt for choice.

EE broadband deals

EE Standard Broadband

This is EE's base package when it comes to broadband. You'll be getting average speeds of 10, which matches most other ADSL packages when it comes to speed. This package is best for houses of one or two people. 

  • Avg 10Mb speed
  • Free set-up
  • Boost your monthly data limit if you're an EE phone customer
  • Bright Box Router

EE broadband deals

EE Fibre Broadband

Speeds above not doing it for you? Don't worry, EE has fibre packages available, too. You can upgrade to speeds averaging 36Mb - perfect for families or big households. 

  • Avg 36Mb speed 
  • Free set-up
  • Boost your monthly data limit if you're an EE phone customer
  • EE Smart Hub router

EE broadband deals

EE Fibre Plus Broadband

Upgrade to EE's Fibre Plus broadband package and you'll get speeds averaging over 60Mb. These speeds should be more than enough for most households. This should even suit households full of gamers and streamers.

  • Avg 67Mb speed 
  • Free set-up
  • Boost your monthly data limit if you're an EE customer
  • EE Smart Hub Router

EE broadband fibre

EE Fibre Max Broadband
Okay here we go, the big guns. If you really use a lot of bandwidth - and we really mean a lot - then these packages could be for you. EE's Fibre Max packages offer impressive speeds starting at 145Mb for the first package and going all the up to a massive 300Mb average speed for the Max 2 package. That's 30x faster than EE's standard broadband and will be more than enough for the majority of houses.

  • Average speeds of 145Mb and 300Mb
  • Free set-up
  • Boost your monthly data limit if you're an EE customer
  • Free Smart Hub 

EE broadband deals

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EE broadband deals

EE broadband deals

Can I order over the phone?

If you would rather speak to someone over the phone about your new broadband deal then the number to call is 0800 079 5137. This will allow you to check any extra details or questions you have before committing. 

Is EE broadband any good?

What is a EE Router?

All EE broadband packages offer up a free Wi-Fi router. Depending on which package you go for you will either get EE's Smart Hub or EE's Bright Box Router. The Smart Hub can be monitored from your laptop or phone and can be turned on from anywhere. You can also set time limits so it will turn off at certain times - perfect for kids.

How long will my EE broadband contract last?

The majority of EE's broadband contracts will lock you in for 18 months. If you go with the standard package you have the option to select a 12 month contract instead but you will be paying a larger monthly fee for this. 

cheap EE broadband deals

Do I get a EE landline?

You do indeed. Every EE broadband package comes with a landline included. You do have to pay extra for a call plan though. 

EE offers plans ranging from anytime calls to UK landlines up to Anytime calls to UK and international calls so you can choose what works best for you. 

How long does EE broadband take to activate?

EE states that it will send you an email and text when your broadband goes live. If you already have a working phone line then it should change over within a couple of days. If you don't have a working phone line then it does get a bit longer than that. EE doesn't offer exact dates for this but it suggests a wait of around 2 weeks until it will go live.

Can I add TV to my plan?

Wanting to add TV to your broadband package? Well you're in luck. EE offers TV add on's on top of your broadband. EE TV is quite unique, it gives you access to features including the creation of your own personal tv guides, recording from your phone and using your tablet as a remote. It offers a wide range of other features on top of this, you can see them all here.

If EE broadband has won you over, head to our comparison table at the top of this page and narrow down your perfect plan.