Samsung unveils 2024 mini-LED TV range, including a ‘floating’ 8K gaming TV

Samsung QN900D being watched by man holding remote control
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The new Samsung TVs being unveiled today at CES 2024 include some of the company’s most stylish models yet, and many use sophisticated AI tech to enhance 8K upscaling, optimize motion when displaying sports, and fine-tune pictures based on not just the show or movie you’re watching but on specific scenes.

Ultra-large screens continue to be a focus for Samsung, with its 8K and 4K Neo QLED, QLED, and Crystal UHD lines all getting a 98-inch screen size option in 2024. These largest models will benefit from the company’s new Supersize Picture Enhancer, which uses AI upscaling to optimize the sharpness of individual pixels, which are 2.3 times larger on a 98-inch display than the pixels in a 65-inch display.

Samsung QN900D on white

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Samsung Neo QLED 8K

Samsung’s 2024 TVs are led by the QN900D series, which is the successor to the QN900C series that currently holds top ranking in our best 8K TVs guide. Available in 65-inch to 85-inch screen sizes, the QN900D is “the slimmest, most premium 8K TV to ever hit the market,” according to the company.

Design highlights of the QN900D series include a new ultra-slim, metal Infinity Air Stand with a mirror-like finish that gives the TV a “floating” effect. It also comes with a redesigned One Connect Box with a compact, modular form that effectively hides it from view.

Picture quality features include 8K AI Upscaling Pro for upconverting 4K and lower resolution pictures to 8K format, Real Depth Enhancer Pro to enhance the contrast performance of the TV’s mini-LED backlight, and a new AI Motion Enhancer Pro mode that intelligently applies processing based on the sport being viewed. A Now+ feature lets you utilize the TV’s screen real estate as an info center when it’s turned off, with weather updates, smart home control, a messaging board, and music playback widgets available to interact with.

Samsung’s Tizen Smart Hub interface is also getting a refresh in the 2024 TV lineup, with a new tab structure providing a For You option that can be customized with profiles for up to six users. Gaming Hub will now provide customization based on personal preferences and Samsung’s on-screen Game Bar will include an AI Auto Mode that can automatically adjust picture and sound settings based on game genre.

The QN900D is the first TV to support VRR of 4K 240Hz, according to Samsung. Another new feature specific to the 8K Neo QLED lineup is Samsung Knox Vault, which is the first dedicated security chip on a smart TV and is “armed with tamper-resistant security” to protect passwords and pins entered into smart TV apps.

Along with the QN900D series, Samsung will introduce new QN800D series 8K TVs in 65-inch to 85-inch screen sizes.

Samsung QN90D on white

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Samsung Neo QLED 4K 

Samsung’s 4K Neo QLED models regularly rank among the best TVs, and its lineup for 2024 will consist of the QN90D and QN85D series. QN90D sets will be available in the widest range of sizes, with screen options ranging from 43 inches up to 98 inches, while the QN85D series spans from 55 inches to 85 inches.

Both series will feature Samsung’s updated Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling, along with Real Depth Enhancer Pro processing to enhance visibility of foreground objects in images. Same as with the company’s 8K Neo QLED lineup, the 4K models will feature an AI Customization Mode and the updated Smart Hub and Gaming Hub and Game Bar features.

Samsung The Frame (2024) 

After adding anti-glare screens in 2023, Samsung’s art-centric The Frame TVs will get key updates in 2024, the most important one being Pantone Art Validated colors. The Frame TVs are regular QLED models, and the new Pantone feature will ensure that colors in the digital artwork being displayed on the TV closely match the actual painting, print, or photograph it’s created from, resulting in a more museum-quality viewing experience.

Another update planned for 2024 is a Curator Picks “streaming experience.” This will add a Netflix-like facility to using The Frame, with a revolving selection of artwork available for users to stream either with or without a Samsung Art Store subscription. Lastly, Samsung is making The Frame TVs more energy efficient by reducing the refresh rate from 120Hz to 60Hz when in Art Mode.

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