Last chance! Get $100 off a brand new 2024 Samsung TV plus a free projector

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Samsung is set to unveil its brand-new range of 2024 TVs this Wednesday with an 'Unbox & Discover' event - and you can already register your interest for a preorder at Samsung.

By registering your interest via email, you'll not only be the first in line to get news on the brand new TVs being unveiled, but you'll also guarantee a preorder, get $100 off a new TV, and be in with a chance to win a Freestyle 2nd Gen projector worth $600 by itself

As of writing, Samsung hasn't officially confirmed exactly what models will be unveiled this Wednesday, but we have a good idea of what's coming thanks to the annual CES Expo in January, where the brand showcases a number of its upcoming OLED and mini-LED TVs. We're likely to see plenty of high-end options like the Samsung S95D and Samsung QN90D, as well as several more budget-friendly displays.

Based on our experience covering similar events (such as when Samsung launched its Galaxy phones), we're expecting price confirmation and live preorders immediately after the new displays are unveiled. By signing up ahead of the official announcement, you'll likely receive an email notification as soon as preorders are live. Note that you'll have plenty of time to check out the TVs in full before you actually commit to an order. 

We'll be covering all news from the upcoming launch right here at TechRadar - including product reviews, once we've spent some time with Samsung's 2024 TV lineup, so stay tuned for more content!

Save $100 on a brand new Samsung TV

Unbox & Discover deal: register your interest and save $100 on a brand-new Samsung TV

Unbox & Discover deal: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">register your interest and save $100 on a brand-new Samsung TV
Time to upgrade that old TV? Register your email at the official Samsung store today, and you'll save $100 on one of the brand's next-gen line-up of 2024 displays. While there are no details on what specific models will be unveiled on March 21, we're expecting new iterations of some of our favorite TVs here at TechRadar - including the S90D, the S95D, and several cheaper options too.

What TVs are being released on March 21?

Samsung S90C

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The prices for several of Samsung's 2024 lineup of TVs have already been announced in the UK and Europe so there's a solid picture of what's coming later this month and a rough ballpark of how much these displays will cost. Some models, especially in the OLED range, have received price increases of up to 30% in Europe so we're hoping prices in the US are more in line with the previous releases.

Highlights from the new range of 2024 Samsung TVs will include the Samsung S95D and Samsung QN90D – both successors to models that we've consistently rated among the best TVs you can buy here at TechRadar. We'll also see updates to the cheaper Q60 and Q70 QLED models, which are usually great choices for those who want a premium display on a reasonable budget. 

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