Don't wait: LG's amazing 65-inch G3 OLED is finally under AU$3,000

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LG’s G3 OLED TV was one of the best screens we had the pleasure of laying eyes on in 2023, but its launch price – and subsequent stubbornness to come down in cost outside major sales events – meant not everyone was able to revel in its glory. 

That has now changed, however, as Aussie retailer JB Hi-Fi has slashed prices of all sizes of the G3 OLED, bringing the price of the holy grail 65-inch model down to under AU$3,000 for the first time – a saving of just over AU$2,300 from its original launch price. 

The 55-inch panel is equally affordable, now setting you back AU$2,796. For those who want big-screen thrills, the 77-inch and 83-inch models have also been reduced. But, while their AU$5,596 and AU$7,196 respective price tags do represent good value for their size, we admit they’re still going to be out of reach for many. 

LG G3 OLED 65-inch TV | AU$3,695AU$2,956 at JB Hi-Fi

LG G3 OLED 65-inch TV | AU$3,695 AU$2,956 at JB Hi-Fi (save AU$739) 

The G3’s launch price was in fact AU$5,295, but JB had previously had it listed for AU$3,695, which is the price we’ve included here. Regardless, this is still a fantastic price for what is an equally fantastic TV. The G3 has the added benefit of MLA technology (more below) to further improve the brightness of its OLED Evo panel, and the results are astounding. 

The G3 is also a boon for gamers, with all the latest acronyms supported, along with four HDMI 2.1 ports all supporting 4K 120Hz. These price cuts are only available until February 11th, so if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your home cinema experience, this is the perfect chance.

You can view the full range of discounted G3 OLED TVs at JB Hi-Fi

Not only did it continue to show off the benefits of OLED technology for contrast, but the G3 OLED also debuted Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology to improve the brightness of the already bright OLED Evo panel. This technology – not available on the 83-inch model it must be said – sees an added layer of thousands of micro lenses applied over the OLED panel, designed to better control and direct light. The result is much improved contrast and increased brightness. 

Elsewhere, the G3 OLED arrives with LG’s latest webOS 23 operating system, which is simple to use and provides instant access to a wide range of streaming apps and services. The TV also, crucially, ships with both a wall mount and the pedestal stand included. Previously, the pedestal stand was an additional cost for customers. 

While these price drops are likely to help make way for the incoming LG G4 OLED, the G3 remains a sensational TV, and with this being the lowest price we’ve seen in Australia, it could mark your best chance to ramp up your home movie and gaming experience. 

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