Sorry Netflix, Apple TV Plus is now the best streaming service for original TV shows, viewers say

Brother Day stands in front of his subjects on a platform in Foundation season 2
TV shows like Foundation have helped Apple TV Plus become king of the streaming originals. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Apple TV Plus has overtaken Netflix as the dominant force when it comes to TV originals, according to some new and fascinating data.

Per Parrot Analytics, Netflix no longer reigns supreme with its first-party show offerings. That accolade now belongs to Apple TV Plus, with the underrated streamer's TV series library sparking the biggest interest among viewers worldwide.

As Parrot Analytics' data reveals (see below), the TV series that air exclusively on Apple's streamer are some of the most in-demand shows around. Between January 1 and August 26, 2023, Apple TV originals had the highest percentage of desirable shows in the US, with almost 51% of its original series rated 'good or above'.

In contrast, Netflix – believed by many to be the world's best streaming service – is way behind Apple and many of its other streaming rivals. According to Parrot Analytics, less than 20% of Netflix's output of original shows are considered 'good or better' by American viewers. That paltry figure places it behind every major streamer apart from Prime Video, which sits bottom of the pile with a 'good or above' TV original rating of just 14%.

A graph showing each streaming service's TV original lineup, based on how in-demand they are

(Image credit: Parrot Analytics)

Apple TV Plus doesn't just dominate the in-demand show space in the US, however. Parrot Analytics suggest that the streamer's TV originals are also more in demand than those of any other platform worldwide, with 46.9% of Apple's in-house developed series deemed good, outstanding, or exceptional. That puts it way out in front of its nearest rival, Paramount Plus (32.7%) from a global standpoint.

There are caveats to Parrot Analytics' data, though. The company's latest number crunching doesn't reveal how many people actually watched one or more of Apple's TV show lineup, nor how many minutes or hours were streamed of said series. It's difficult to determine, then, whether Apple's in-demand shows were streamed, or if people simply searched for them online after their family or friends recommended them.

Hugely popular Apple shows, such as Ted Lasso, whose third and final season would've likely drawn in millions of viewers every week, might have skewed Parrot Analytics' data set, too. The multi-award-winning series would've been in far greater demand than other Apple originals such as High Desert, the Patricia Arquette detective comedy series that was unceremoniously canceled less than two months after it aired.

Peter Sutherland looks concerned in The Night Agent on Netflix

The Night Agent is one of the biggest TV hits of 2023, and it debuted exclusively on Netflix (Image credit: Dan Power/Netflix)

Then there's the fact that Netflix's TV originals catalog is massive compared to Apple TV Plus' library. Parrot Analytics suggests that Netflix original series outnumber Apple's by 15 to 1. The breakneck speed at which Netflix pumps out original content, then, is also going to impact Parrot's data set. Clearly, Apple prefers quality over quantity, and that makes it more likely that, when one of Apple's original shows becomes a major hit, such as Severance, Silo, Hijack, Foundation, or Shrinking (all of which are some of the best Apple TV Plus shows), it'll improve the percentile of Apple's 'good or better' rated TV originals.

That all said, Parrot Analytics' latest data indicates that Netflix isn't the streaming market leader it once claimed to be.

Netflix might have the biggest user base of the world's eight most popular streamers. It's also home to some of the most successful streaming-based TV shows of all time, with the likes of Stranger Things, Wednesday, The Night Agent, and Squid Game racking up billions of hours viewed for the streaming titan. Unsurprisingly, that makes them some of the best Netflix shows ever made.

However, decisions taken by the world's biggest streamer throughout 2023, such as its password crackdown plan and the consistent cancellation of beloved Netflix shows, means plenty of Netflix fans are opting to cancel their subscriptions and go elsewhere. If you're one of that number and you're looking for a new streamer to subscribe to, Apple TV Plus is definitely worth considering; after all, the data doesn't lie, and with Apple's streaming service being one of the most affordable (even Disney Plus and Hulu are seeing price hikes this year), it might be worth investing in.

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