Pumped for Heart of Stone? Watch these 4 Gal Gadot movies on Netflix, Disney Plus, and more first

Rachel Stone lies on the ground firing her weapon in Heart of Stone
Heart of Stone is aiming to be Netflix's next big movie hit. (Image credit: Robert Viglasky/Netflix)

Heart of Stone, the new action movie starring Gal Gadot, is ready to pump up the action on Netflix.

The world's best streaming service has, to be frank, not been pulling its weight in the film world recently. Since Extraction 2 launched in mid-June – and pulled in 42 million viewers during its opening week – every single Netflix film has failed to match its successful debut. Considering numerous new Netflix movies have arrived over the past two months, that's not a good look.

Netflix, then, will be hoping Heart of Stone turns its movie-based fortunes around. To get you in the mood for Gadot's latest big-budget film, we've rounded up four of the actor's films that are worth streaming because they're a) actually good movies and b) so bad they need to be seen to be believed.

Fast & Furious

Where to stream it: Netflix in the US, Sky and Now TV in the UK, and Binge in Australia

Somewhat surprisingly, Gadot's first-ever acting role came in one of the biggest action film franchises of all-time. With its first three films cumulatively earning over $600 million globally, the Fast and Furious' fourth entry – 2009's creatively titled Fast & Furious – saw Gadot join the series' ensemble cast as Gisele Yashar, a drug trafficking contact who eventually teams up with Dom Torretto and company in Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6.

Fast & Furious was panned by critics upon release – it holds a 29% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes – so Gadot didn't enjoy a dream start to life on the big screen. But, with Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6 rated as two of the best films in the whole series (they holds 78% and 71% positive scores on Rotten Tomatoes among critics), Gadot's Yashar eventually proved popular among general audiences. So much so, in fact, that – spoiler alert – the stunned reactions to her sacrificial hero moment in Fast 6 (well, until – spoiler alert again – Fast X revealed she'd survived – demonstrated how highly Yashar was regarded.

While you're here, read up on how to watch the Fast & Furious movies in order and see if you agree with our Fast & Furious movies ranked list.

Red Notice

Where to stream it: Netflix

With its powerhouse trio of Gadot, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds, you would expect this spy action-comedy flick to be a must-see movie.

Red Notice, though, is anything but. This film is bad. Like, really bad. Its jokes fall flat, its action sequences are extremely run-of-the-mill, and its plot – though occasionally clever – is full of clichés and contrived at best. One of the best Netflix movies, this is not.

Okay, Red Notice proved to be one of 2021's biggest hits and, with 364 million hours streamed, it's the most-watched Netflix flick of all-time. In our minds, however, its success is largely down to the allure of its A-listers and how much Netflix promoted it in the run-up to release. An expensive, over-the-top movie that needs to be seen, but only to laugh at how terrible it is.

Wonder Woman

Where to stream it: Max in the US, Sky and Now TV in the UK, and Binge and Paramount Plus in Australia

Arguably Gadot's best movie, 2017's Wonder Woman is considered to be one of the best superhero movies of all-time for a reason.

Well, multiple reasons, actually. It's a fantastically constructed film that's equal parts thrilling, emotional, and – considering its World War I setting – surprisingly funny on occasion. Buoyed by Gadot's charismatic performance as Diana Prince/the titular superhero, Wonder Woman took the DC Extended Universe's (DCEU) grittier approach to Marvel movies and injected it with a subversive warmth and tenderness that are sorely lacking in other DC film offerings. Much of that owes its success to the natural chemistry that exists between Gadot and lead supporting star Chris Pine, who bring Diana and Steve Trevor's romance to life in electrifying and earnest fashion.

Its final, VFX-laden battle between Wonder Woman and Ares leaves a lot to be desired. That aside, though, Wonder Woman is a terrific watch. Find out where it sits in our DC movies in order guide while you're here.

Death on the Nile

Where to stream it: Hulu in the US, and Disney Plus in the UK and Australia

Kenneth Branagh's reimaginings of Hercule Poirot's big-screen adventures have flattered to deceive so far.

Admittedly, only two of the legendary detective's escapades have been given the remake treatment – a third, A Haunting in Venice, is one of the new movies coming in Q3 2023. Even so, neither 2017's Murder on the Orient Express or 2022's Death on the Nile have resonated with viewers, which begs the question why more retellings are on the way.

It's the latter of that duo that Gadot starred in. Portraying wealthy heiress Linnet 'Linny' Ridgeway-Doyle, Gadot commands the screen early on in proceedings, but isn't given much else to do before – yep, more spoilers – Linnet is bumped off midway through the story. A passable film if you're struggling to find something else to watch, but Agatha Christie's iconic book has been adapted far better than this. Don't expect to see it on our best Disney Plus movies or best Hulu movies lists any time soon.

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