Prime Video adds Game of Thrones star to Chris Pratt’s upcoming action prequel to The Terminal List

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As we reported a few weeks back, Prime Video's The Terminal List is getting a prequel – and the latest casting announcement for the series, which is called The Terminal List: Dark Wolf, is an interesting one. 

Fresh from The Umbrella Academy, Black Sails, Game of Thrones and outlaw thriller Place of Bones, Tom Hopper will be joining the cast as a Navy SEAL called Raife Hastings, according to an exclusive report from Variety.

The original stars Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch from The Terminal List will both be returning for the prequel series, which is set five years before the events of The Terminal List and focuses on Ben Edwards (Kitsch) and his journey from Navy SEAL to CIA paramilitary operator. 

The Terminal List: Dark Wolf: what we know so far

Amazon hasn't announced a streaming date just yet, largely because the show is only just going into production alongside a second season of The Terminal List itself, which will continue the story in the present day. But a late 2024 release sounds likely.

In terms of what to expect, Terminal List: Dark Wolf is likely to be as divisive as the series it's a prequel to. The current show has a woeful 40% from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes compared to 94% from viewers. 

The reason for the difference is no doubt partly because critics tend to be a bit snooty about action shows, but the core of most reviews wasn't that the reviewers had a problem with the genre; they often felt that the show could have made a pretty decent action movie but it had been dragged out to series length and suffered from pacing as a result. That's a more likely explanation for the lukewarm scores than the one offered by show fan Bill H, who awarded it the full five stars and claimed that the critics were "mostly pin headed federal gooberment worshippers."

We don't yet know when Terminal List: Dark Wolf will be streaming on Prime Video, but the first season – The Terminal List –, which we rated as one of the best Prime Video series, is available now.

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