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Cut and paste on iPhone

Apple's iPhone - now with cut and paste

In an update to an earlier story, Apple has shut down the OpenClip feature. One of the prime failings of the iPhone – the absence of a cut and paste facility – had been rectified by developer, Zac White. White offered the feature via OpenClip, a non-profit, open-source community, which allows iPhone users to add cut and paste without apparently violating the iPhone SDK agreement. But since Apple's intervention, no more...

Previously, the app had appeared via the application MagicPad.

When the OpenClip framework is added to an iPhone application, that app gains copy and paste functionality. Open Clip framework uses a shared space on the iPhone. Apps that include OpenClip can access the area common to them and read and write to and from each application.

Power sharing agreement

Generally speaking, Apple doesn't allow apps from running in the background on the iPhone as they would take up too much of the unit's power. Furthermore, developers are not allowed to make plug-ins that allow apps to work together.

We had hoped that Apple would welcome this development if for no other reason than White's motives deriving from geeky philanthropy than filthy lucre. We were wrong.