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VPN deal: Get a massive saving now with VyprVPN's fantastic Black Friday discount

VyprVPN Black Friday VPN deal
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With all the focus that tech devices are getting this Black Friday you'd think cybersecurity and software would take a hit, but it's quite the opposite. VyprVPN just dropped its Black Friday deals and it's pretty ace - you could get all your VPN needs for the next 24 months sorted for an effective $2.50 a month.

This is one of the best VPN deals we've seen so far, not just from the price perspective but also because VyprVPN is an excellent service. It offers apps for pretty much every device, unblocks Netflix and has a very strict no logging policy.

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Of course we understand that you might not want to be tied down to a VPN for a full two years. The good news is that the provider is also offering 71% off its premium plan for one year, so you're only committed to it for 12 months with a one off payment of just $45.

Sound good? We think so too, and there's no catch that we can spy. Scroll below to see the full details of these VPN deals and why we rate VyprVPN within our top 10 best VPNs you can get right now.

VyrpVPN's Black Friday VPN deals in full:

VyprVPN | 2 years cover | 81% off | $310.80 $60
A serious discount, this. Instead of paying $12.95 a month you're looking at paying the equivalent to $2.50 a month for a great service. VyprVPN allows up to five simultaneous connections on one account - this with the fact that it offers several apps and easy to use tutorials make this provider an excellent choice.
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VyprVPN | 1 year cover | 71% off |  $155.40 $45
Still an amazing discount but without the additional 12 months contract. This deal is perfect for anyone who wants their VPN needs sorted but don't want to be committed for too long. Plus, you're still getting the same professional service - VyprVPN ensures no logging (perfect for anyone concerned with security) and  boasts live chat support.
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What you can do with a VPN

VPNs are great for a wide range of reasons, but the main two that seem to come up time and time again is for online protection and bypassing geo-restricted content. In terms of online safety, a VPN uses encryption technologies to mask your IP address so you can't be tracked. Simply, it makes it a lot harder for you to be traced on the internet.

Now when it comes to bypassing geo-restricted content is that with a VPN you can easily access content that is restricted to a state or location. VPNs can allow you to work around restrictions online which means being able to live stream the best sport and TV to getting cheaper deals on flights to unblocking Netflix from anywhere.

Is VyprVPN any good?

Yes absolutely! Not only does it run a very strict no logging policy which is perfect for anyone concerned about security, but the provider also has a live chat support and plenty of tutorials on how to use. So rest assured, if you're ever unsure or in a bit of a pickle - the customer support or the many video tutorials will be able to help you.

And if you're searching for a VPN to stream, then you'll be glad to know that VyprVPN can very easily and successfully unblock Netflix. You can read our full VyprVPN review to discover more about the ins and outs of this provider.

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