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LG hopes webOS and quantum dot tech will give its new 4K TVs the edge

For people who like to watch their TV, and we mean REALLY watch it

In a surprising twist of events, LG has revealed that it will be showing off some new TVs at CES 2015.

We jest, but LG's upcoming sets do have us a little bit intrigued. Not only will they be 4K and massive, they'll also be flaunting LG's new quantum dot technology, which promises to improve the depth of colour even further.

The eight different lines will also come running WebOS, the once-mobile operating system that LG has now repurposed for the living room. LG promises that WebOS 2.0 is faster and more customisable than ever.

Future perfect

Other than that, we're told the TVs will be thinner than ever, while the 4K video decoder will offer support for 30p and 60p content, which should future-proof these sets to some extent.

As for sound, the high-end UF9500 series will include 'Auditorium Stand', which vows to focus noise centrally. Meanwhile LG says that five of the models come with multi-channel "Ultra" Surround speakers.

Nothing on exact model details or prices, but we expect we'll be hearing more next week...

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