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Sky responds to Ofcom pay TV announcement

Sky looks for further dialogue
Sky looks for further dialogue

BSkyB has reacted to Ofcom's ruling on the potential changes to PayTV.

The satellite giant has been told by the communications watchdog that it will look into firming up the framework in which Sky decides on the price of its wholesale packages.

Currently Sky offers its football and movies premium packages to the likes of Virgin Media, but despite a complain lodged by Virgin, BT Top and Setanta back in January 2007, Ofcom has finally decided that it will not (yet) bring the Competition Commision into the argument, but will try to regulate things itself.

"We welcome the opportunity to engage in further dialogue with Ofcom," a Sky spokesman told TechRadar.


The terseness of the statement should not be seen as disappointment from Sky – who is likely to be fairly pleased with the verdict.

The prospect of finally launching Picnic – if an agreement over the conditions set by Ofcom can be reached – could be the next big step by the company, although it seems that changes to the current Freeview channels are some way off at this point.

One company that is most likely to be disappointed by the ruling is BT, whose BT Vision service does not currently carry Sky's premium channels.