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One million movie downloads via Sky Anytime

Sky Anytime enables you to watch content away from your Sky box

Over a million downloads have now been made using Sky' s movie download service. The company says the milestone was hit on 14 January by a download of Flight Plan.

The service, Sky Anytime , was previously known as Sky by Broadband and offers customers on-demand access to Sky Movies. Anytime also gives Sky subscribers access to downloads from Sky One and action from Sky Sports. Downloaders can watch the time-limited content on their PC.

Sky says the service now has over 250,000 users and 300 movies on its books, including big-hitters like King Kong and The Chronicles of Narnia.

The top 10 most downloaded movies of 2006 on Sky Anytime were:

  1. The House of Flying Daggers
  2. Starsky & Hutch
  3. Layer Cake
  4. The Girl Next Door
  5. Man on Fire
  6. xXx: The Next Level
  7. Sin City
  8. National Treasure
  9. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  10. Our House