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Sky News HD to launch with UK election

John Ryley - bringing us HD news
John Ryley - bringing us HD news

The much-heralded Sky News HD will arrive with a bang, launching at 9pm on the day of the UK election with Decision Time – covering the results as they come in.

Sky News HD will be the UK's first high-definition news channel, and will be a simulcast of the Sky News channel whe it launches in the evening of 6 May.

The channel, on Sky Channel 517, will be supported by an updated HD studio and HD resources out and about.

Sharper news

John Ryley, Head of Sky News said: "We've made the news ourselves in 2010 by launching the first UK news service in HD with sharper pictures and enhanced services for HD viewers.

"It's an innovation which clearly defines Sky's strengths, our passion and our restless pursuit to be first and to be the best.

"The detail of Sky News HD is stunning - I hope our viewers will enjoy the new experience."

Sky News is the final Sky brand to jump on the HD bandwagon, following Sky Sports, Sky Arts, Sky Entertainment and Sky Movies.

More than 2 million people currently pay extra for Sky's HD service, which offers more channels in high definition than any of its rivals.