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Microsoft CEO teases 'innovations' in Windows, devices in store for Build 2014

Satya Nadella
Wait and see at Build 2014

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has hinted we're in for a number of major announcements at next week's Build conference.

The company unveiled Office for iPad and a new enterprise offering, but Nadella said today's proceedings were "just one aspect of our strategy."

Nadella said the company will talk about advancements in Windows as well as devices during Build.

"One of the questions is, where does Windows fit in all of this?" he posed. "Windows will innovate. You'll see us talk about the innovations in the operating system and innovations in devices."

It's widely expected Microsoft will announce Windows 8.1 Update 1 during the conference, plus the next version of its mobile OS, Windows Phone 8.1. We may even be in for Windows 8.2 and a glimpse at Windows 9.

Caught in the crosshairs

Intriguingly, Nadella also spoke of Microsoft's commitment to "making our applications run cross-platform," and excelling "everywhere our customers are."

Cross-platform is a reality of Microsoft's customers lives, Nadella said, and the company wants to "build experiences that span the digital life" of its flock.

Could we be in for more Windows apps on Android, including Office for Android tablets, and perhaps more on the iOS front? We'll find out next week.