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Sony's next smartwatch might be made out of e-paper

Read between the lines

Sony is reportedly building a new smartwatch that'll be a little different from the likes of the Sony Smartwatch 3.

According to a report in Bloomberg, the Japanese manufacturer is busy developing a watch made out of its patented electronic paper. Both the watch face and the strap will be made from the e-ink technology and thus both act as a display.

Sony is said to be prioritising style over functionality for the as-yet-unnamed product which is the first to come from a new innovation-centric division formed by CEO Kaz Hirai.

Apples and pears

As such, it sounds like the watch won't be running Android Wear, nor will it position itself as a competitor to the raft of other smartwatches currently on the market such as the Apple Watch.

But Sony's effort would have the advantage of better battery life, which the e-paper Pebble already boasts. Battery life is a real problem for smartwatches right now, so Sony

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