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WinMo7 release date to be unveiled at MWC?

More information on Windows Mobile 7 coming soon
More information on Windows Mobile 7 coming soon

Microsoft looks set to confirm a release date for the fabled Windows Mobile 7, as well as a new look to the current iteration of the mobile OS.

Word from Digitimes, which quotes 'sources familiar with the matter', says that Microsoft will announce the release date of Windows Mobile 7 at Mobile World Congress, with September the likely month for it to be given to vendors to start working with.

Sadly, this means we probably won't be seeing WinMo 7 phones until 2011, which means another year of the current Windows Mobile 6 platform.

Windows Mobile 6.6

And it seems Microsoft has realised this too - which is why the aforementioned Windows Mobile 6.6 will also be unveiled at the event, which we imagine would be similar to 6.5 but will come with a more finger friendly UI, and probably allow support for capacitive screens as well.

We're going to be scurrying around every section of the floor during the event next month, so keep your eyes peeled for all the information when we get it.

Via Digitimes