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WinMo 7 coming without Flash support?

Windows Mobile 7 - causing fuss before it's even announced
Windows Mobile 7 - causing fuss before it's even announced

Word from rumour mills has appeared again over Windows Mobile 7, with a lot more information coming about the mobile OS.

The info is provided by sites PPCGeeks and MobileTechWorld with no sources cited other than a tipster, but does make for some interesting reading.

Among the highlights over Windows Mobile 7 are:

  • A new Zune-based UI
  • Support for Zune and Xbox Live integration

  • No Flash support due to time constraints, although Silverlight Mobile will be included
  • Applications only available through the Windows Mobile Marketplace, so no more installing from SD card (which could make unofficial apps obsolete)
  • Full social networking support
  • Internet browser based on IE7 with IE8 functionality, which is apparently 'better' than the iPhone
  • UK release date for Windows Mobile 7 expected in September 'ahead of schedule'

We're slightly unconvinced about some of the claims made here, although they do seem to at least be grounded in reality, so we're looking forward to Mobile World Congress next week to see if this is the version that turns up.

From WMPoweruser via BGR