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Why Tizen won't be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S5

The Phone Show: Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC M8 and Tizen
All phones, all the time

We like phones. If that isn't abundantly clear, we're doing something very wrong.

In fact, we like them so much that we've decided to dedicate an entire show to talking about them.

The Phone Show aims to take you deeper into the smartphone scene to bring you all the latest goings-on, releases and rumours from in and around the industry.

To kick things off, our in-house mobile moguls Gareth Beavis and John McCann set their sights on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and whether there will or won't be a Tizen-flavoured edition.

There's also talk of the HTC M8/ One 2, as well as discussing the outlook for BlackBerry in 2014 and beyond. We also take a look at the latest whisperings around the iPhone 6, Sony's Xperia Z2 and the upcoming Nokia X/ Normandy Android phone

All you have to do is click the 'play' button below. Enjoy the show, and be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments section.