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Unlucky iPhoner twiddles thumbs for 8-hour sync

Is the problem with iTunes or in the iPhone itself?

Users of the iPhone who actually bother to sync it with a computer – y'know, for updating podcasts, adding apps etc? – will know that it can take upwards of 20 minutes to get the job done, but how about an eight-hour sync process?

That's what one unlucky iPhone owner is having to endure, regardless of how he changes his setup. If you think he's exaggerating, there is a time-lapse video that documents the whole thing, but be warned – it's painful viewing.

Apps galore

Brandon Lusk has an admittedly large app count of 74 added programs, but that clearly can't account for the sync taking an entire working day.

With the help of Brian Lam at Gizmodo, Lusk analysed exactly what was going on, only to remain stumped at the end of the process no matter what he tried.

His 997MB of music, 94MB of photos, 3.5GB of video and various other bits and pieces certainly require some heavy lifting, but has he uncovered yet another flaw with Apple's pride and joy?