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Tim Cook on FBI debate: 'We will not shrink from this responsibility'


It was no surprise that Tim Cook opened today's Apple event by addressing the ongoing FBI fight, especially with the case set to play out in front of a magistrate judge tomorrow. [Update: This hearing was postponed after the government said it may have a way to unlock the iPhone without Apple's help.]

"About a month ago we asked Americans across the country to join in a conversation," said Cook, kicking off the event. "We need to decide as a nation how much power the government should have over our data and over our privacy."

"We did not expect to be in this position," added Cook, who said he was "humbled" by the outpouring of support in Apple's favor.

The battle with the FBI began back in February, when Apple was asked to create a customized version of iOS that would grant the FBI backdoor access to an iPhone involved in the San Bernardino attack.

"We believe strongly that we have a responsibility to protect your data and your privacy," said Cook, reaffirming the company's stance on encryption.

"We will not shrink from this responsibility."

After Cook's speech, whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted in response. "2016: When the public is forced to rely on a corporation to defend its rights. This is a warning sign."