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Texas Instruments provides universal mobile device charging solution

Texas Instruments provides universal mobile device charging solution
One (charger) for all and all for one.

Texas Instruments has announced a host of new technology aimed at improving the charging process for mobile devices.

Better known for producing ARM-based processors found in a number of smartphones and tablets, TI now wants to make our lives easier when it comes to charging.

Its new TPS2511 intelligent USB charge controller is aimed at providing a single charging solution for all your smartphone and tablet needs.

I've got the power

The TPS2511 is able to detect whether its been plugged into a device which sports a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 socket, and is then able to regulate the voltage it delivers, allowing for a safe charge for every device.

The Texas based firm hopes that its new controller will mean users can do away with the multitude of chargers they have at home, and instead just use a single solution for all their mobile devices.

TI has also announced a second controller sporting a similarly uninspiring name, the UCC28700, which uses just 30mW when idle – considerably lower than current offerings – which saves electricity plus money on your bill, and is delivered in a diminutive size, reducing the need for bulky casing.