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RichardSolo 1800 makes UK debut

RichardSolo 1800
RichardSolo 1800

The RichardSolo 1800 has arrived in Britain, giving people the option to not only have a charge and a half battery backup for their juice-hungry iPhone, but also use it as a torch or laser pointer.

With the iPhone being such a hungry blighter in the charge stakes, the need for a battery backup is fairly obvious, especially because you can't just buy a second battery pack.

But the RichardSolo is not the first example to market, but it is a solid, well-designed, but not cheap effort brought in by USA Best.


One of the neater touches means that the iPhone is charged first and then the battery if both are plugged into a power source, and the RichardSolo also carries a charge and half for the iPhone/iPod touch.

For those with a light fetish, there are also laser pointer and torch buttons.

Coming with a neatly retractable cable and both a plug and car charger adaptor, the RichardSolo is available now and retails at a not inconsiderable £69.99.