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Orange set to launch high def mobile calls

Orange launching HD mobile call quality in 2010
Orange launching HD mobile call quality in 2010

Orange is set to expand its "HD Voice" technology early in the new year, which is great news for those mobile users who are sick of crackling voices and dropped calls on their phones.

Finally, the UK will get a decent alternative to standard definition calls via the the new 3G service, which is going to be introduced to work with a "range of handsets" later in 2010.

Like caller is in same room

HD voice will apparently make it "sound as if callers are actually in the same room," says Orange UK chief executive Tom Alexander, who adds:

"HD voice really does inject a level of innovation into mobile phone calls," and that "once people have tried it, they won't want to go back."

It really is about time that mobile phone operators all started to focus more on providing better quality phone calls, so this is a welcome move indeed from Orange.