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Ofcom opens up airwaves for faster and cheaper 4G

Ofcom's latest move will mean faster mobile internet by 2022

Ofom has just announced its decision to open up airwaves to make them available for mobile broadband services.

The move will allow mobile network operators to use frequencies that are currently reserved for digital terrestrial TV services and wireless microphones, known as the 700 MHz frequency band.

This means mobile networks could offer faster and cheaper mobile internet to their customers by the beginning of 2022, with the possibility of it coming two years earlier.

If you view digital terrestrial TV services such as Freeview or YouView then don't worry, as Ofcom is ensuring that this move will not affect those services. Ofcom has also confirmed that you will not need to buy new equipment when the time comes.

Sports venues, theatres and other events that use wireless microphones have also been reassured that this move will not affect them.