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Mobile phones hold secret to your soul

Own a Samsung phone? Then you're likely to be a career-driven young woman, apparently

Your choice of mobile phone can reveal signs about your personality, or so an Australian research group claims. If you've opted for a Nokia mobile phone, you're likely to be a family-orientated middle-manager type, whereas fashion-conscious under-24s often choose Motorola handsets, according to Nielsen Media Research .

Samsung mobiles tend to belong to career-driven young women who are fun-seeking and driven by success, Jody Loughlin, associate director at Nielsen Media Research, told the Sydney Herald .

Sony Ericsson handsets on the other hand are believed to be the first choice of the "young, ambitious man trying to make his mark". Young mothers tend to go for LG phones.

"It's clear that many [people] choose a phone that says something about them," Loughlin said. He added that the choice of handset often said more about a person's social status than their mobile operator.

The survey found that Nokia still dominates the market, with 56.9 per cent of all handsets sold, but that the company is under attack from its rivals. And with Apple launching its iPhone mobile handset this summer, the fashion fight over handsets is far from over.